Wednesday, April 24th

8:00pm / doors at 6:30pm

Advance general admission: $10

At the door: $14

Table of 4 reserved seats: $50


Steve Moakler has never been one to shy away from taking chances. In 2006 he left his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to pursue the dream of music career in Nashville.  Since that time, Moakler has released two EPs & a full-length album, performed for thousands of fans at colleges and venues across the country, toured with artists such as Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz and had song placements in several television shows.  Not a bad resume for a 25-year old dreamer.

In 2011, Moakler took another risk, jumping out of an airplane to kick-start his latest album “Watching Time Run.” He asked fans to be his parachute and help fund the album. Over 400 loyal supporters enthusiastically responded, pledging more than $20,000 to help this independent artist take another step on his musical journey.

 “Watching Time Run” is about beginnings and ends, hellos and goodbyes, searching for yourself and finding someone to share the journey with. It represents the personal stories of a 25-year old making his way through life and watching time move on, set to a backdrop of pop, rock and country music. Many of us can relate to trying to move forward, but watching things move by too fast. We long to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the ride and the people that come in and out of our lives. Moakler has experienced a lot of growing up in the past two years and crafted it into his finest work. He may be “watching time run” but he certainly isn’t letting it slip by.
Marc Scibilia:
I moved to Nashville  from Buffalo NY in 2004 when I was 18, one month out of high-school. My mother calls and wishes I’d move back home to NY. My dad leaves 5 minute long voicemails about how proud he is of me and usually asks (for the 1,000th time) how to get on Youtube to see my latest work. I keep a healthy distance from good advice. I play it by ear. If I only had one day to live I would wake up very early.