Thursday, December 27th

8:00pm / doors at 6:30pm

Advance general admission: $12

At the door: $15

Table of 4 reserved seats: $60



THE CUMBERLAND COLLECTIVE is a community of independent singer/songwriters and musicians from across the U.S.

Current members include:

Mike Willis, Clay Evans, Connor Rand, Isaac Hayden, Noah Collins, Jason Eskridge, Debra Gordon, Reggie Sullivan, Brendan Bull, De Marco Johnson, Philip Lowman, Ted Pennington… and regular featured guests.

What others are saying:

“At first I thought I was listening to The Band, but then I heard Bonnie Raitt, and then Marvin Gaye. It wasn’t a copy band by any stretch; there was talent in every corner of the room and each song seemed better than the last…. In an age where metal, punk, and grunge draw consistent crowds, I’d like to see this band in front of that audience and watch jaws drop.”

“With the help of some of the patients keeping the beat, The Cumberland Collective held what felt like a verycool jam session (see video below!). A bit of blues, folk, and gospel topped off with a hint of jazz, the band’s style is hard to pinpoint. It’s unique and catchy – not a single listener sat still as the singers and songwriters produced their own special brand of music magic!.”
– Ryan Seacrest Foundation

“Things scaled up fast as the Cumberland Collective took over the stage. Ten musicians put on a clinic in working together and staying out of each other’s way, and the sound was pure joy. Underneath was a smoking rhythm section with a clear-toned acoustic bass and a kit drummer with bite, plus a guy on cajon and another on washtub drum and other bangy objects.”
“The CC gave off a vibe of selflessness and musical diversity and integrity that meshes perfectly with what we do. Hope to see them back at Roots soon.”
-Craig Havighurst (Music City Roots Blog)

“One of the hits of the Folk Alliance 2012 was new Nashville band, The Cumberland Collective. Consisting of anywhere up to fifteen players, eight of the band’s members made their first trip to the music conference where I watched them create a buzz with their unique blend of, well, just about every music genre you can think of!”
- Liv Carter (Urban Country News)

“With several songwriters of widely varying styles among them The Cumberland Collective’s music is an eclectic mixture unified by a sophisticated evocation of its American-ness. Tunes range from folk-pop anthems to country, contemporary soul to old-time talking blues.”
– Todd Dills (Channel 19 Blog)

“The atmosphere seemed to open up and drink in the country soul with artful vocal harmonies and accompanied by saxophone, fiddle and mandolin. At times, listeners could hear The Band and at other times Tom Petty, but the most magnetic attraction came from the charisma and confidence of these friends on stage.”


Over the past two years, THE WELL REDS, have notched their place in the often underestimated yet very talented Atlanta rock scene. Their alternative take on pop-rock mixes clean live guitar tones with indelible vocal melodies, detailed instrumentation, and acute lyric sensibility. This cultivated maturity within the group’s songwriting is coupled with a discernible professionalism in their playing. Live shows are punctuated by powerful harmonies, diverse instrumentation, and a high level of group musicianship that sees the boys as confident with an acoustic set as they are playing a plugged-in-amped-up-rock show.

Individually the members of the band accrued years of professional playing experience, opening up for an eclectic mix of national acts including Switchfoot, Blues Traveler, Angie Aparo, Moses Mayfield, Bell X1, and Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses. Since the inception of the band in 2008, collectively they have shared bills with bands like Automatic Love Letter (Epic), A Cursive Memory (Epic), Transmit Now (Silent Majority/Warner), Lights Resolve, and The Friday Night Boys (Fueled by Ramen).

The Well Reds recently finished a six song EP with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel, Mayday Parade, The All Time Low). The music is already creating a buzz with music fans and industry executives alike. Says BMI’s David Claassen, “The Well Reds combine creative pop melodies with meaningful lyrics that shine brightly with their new release…” Mixtape Atlanta writes, “Composed of seasoned musicians and a uniquely distinctive sound, The Well Reds’ tailored orchestration of emotional yet mature pop anthems will have you humming the melody and singing the lyrics just after one listen.”


In the increasingly lifeless world of popular music, ProTools has helped musicians hide their mistakes, auto-tune has choked the humanity from their voices, and thoughtful wordsmithing has been exchanged for shallow lines that seem clever but say little. What happened to art? What happened to music? What happened to hearing a song and being moved by it? Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, ADAM SAMS‘ debut album humbly insists that the lackluster state of our current music industry simply does not have to be. Music, it tells us across its seven tracks, should be honest and vibrant. It should challenge us to do more than just exist. It should make us leave different than we were. It should move us.

Welcome to the motion.

Hailing from all over the continental United States, Adam, the son of a Navy physician, discovered music as an outlet for the unpredictability of military life. What began as a way to combat the instability of moving frequently, however, developed into more than just a hobby—it became Adam’s way to inspire and encourage people. Since beginning guitar lessons at the age of 9, his first love and primary tool to connect with his audience has been his acoustic guitar, but his love of music has led to his learning the piano, banjo, mandolin, and the drums, to name a few. Playing all of the instruments on Welcome to the Motion (with the exception of guest appearances by some talented and gracious friends), Adam’s versatility brings the album’s earnest ruminations on faith, life, and relationships to life, from the Dylan-esque harmonicas that warm “This Old House” and album opener “Nameless Race,” to the twang of his banjo on “My Faith is in the Grave.” With every note he plays and word he sings, Adam’s love of his craft imbues his music with a refreshing sincerity.

With a multitude of instruments bringing his message to life, Adam, though still young, challenges his audience to more than mere existence with a degree of wisdom, introspection, and encouragement far beyond that of his contemporaries. Eschewing easily-digestible fluff for earnest, honest words, Adam crafts lyrics that ask his audience to examine their lives and make a choice to love those who don’t seem to deserve it, to reserve judgment for others until after we’ve pointed the finger at ourselves, and to serve others even at our own expense. Songs like “Nameless Race” and “Smaller” encapsulate his ethos: That, to paraphrase author Donald Miller, we must constantly battle against the lie that life is a story about ourselves. As The Verge lauds,Welcome to the Motion “brings out a wellspring of good feeling as [Adam] shows that there are ways to move forward in life without wallowing in self-pity.”

With years of honing his skills and writing songs under his belt, Adam’s hard work has paid off, and he has had the honor of sharing the stage with a variety of bands, as well as garnering some good press along the way. Thanks to his do-it-yourself, hardworking attitude and infectious optimism, Adam has seen the fruits of his striving against the bland lifelessness of modern music as he’s had the opportunity to take his songs on the road and share the stage with contemporaries both well-known and still waiting for their breakthrough. Whether on his own or as part of Jacksonville, FL’s Don’t Sigh Daisy, Adam has had the pleasure of playing with a broad spectrum of acts ranging from The Almost’s Aaron Gillespie to Switchfoot to Young the Giant while also cultivating relationships with a number of excellent independent artists such as Jeremy Ezell and the Well Reds, Matthew Mayfield, and Mike Mains and the Branches. In addition to the rapport he has built with these artists, Adam’s music has been reviewed with high praise in Augusta, GA’s The Verge, who called his album “an excellently crafted masterpiece”, and notable music review website JesusFreakHideout.comclaims that Adam is “one of the better independent singer songwriters in today’s market.”

As popular music grows increasingly artificial and physical record sales plummet, Adam Sams wants to contribute something more permanent to the musical conversation. Adam’s heart to make creative, honest art and serve others informs every note he plays, and as you listen, he hopes that you will learn to think about your life as more than just a cog in the 9-to-5 machine. Rather than stay as you were, he hopes that you’ll find yourself wanting to make yourself and the world around you a better place. For the discontented, for the sleepless dreamers—you were made for motion. It’s time to get up and try.