Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries:

How do I buy tickets for a show? Advance tickets for all shows can be purchased online at Tickets may also be purchased over the phone through Ticket Alternative by calling 877-725-8849. If you wish to buy tickets through the Eddie’s Attic box office, you must do so in person between 12pm-6pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday).

(After 5pm) I couldn’t get tickets online. Are there still tickets available for the show? Advance ticket sales end at 5pm the day of each show. After 5pm, you may purchase tickets at the door. If you’re having trouble purchasing tickets online for a show in advance, you may contact Ticket Alternative at 877-725-8849.

I’m under 21. Can I come to a show? Yes, our shows are all ages unless noted otherwise. However, if you’re under 21 and not accompanied by another 21 year old, there is a $4 surcharge in addition to the admission fee.

Booking Requests: OR you can send in your EPK (electronic press kit) through our Reverbnation page by clicking HERE. If you don’t hear from us within 4 to 5 weeks, please email us again as we receive a lot of requests each day. Another great way to be considered for a regular show or opening slot is to sign up for our Monday Songwriter’s Open Mic. For more information about Open Mic, click HERE.

Event Rental Questions: Email Emory at 

How do I sign up for Songwriter’s Open Mic? You will get 10 minutes to perform 2 original acoustic songs. Have a third song ready in case you get into the final round. Up to 3 performers are allowed for each slot. We don’t have a piano so you will have to provide your own keyboard. No CD tracks…must be all acoustic. To sign up, please click here.

Can I reserve a table? Our tables are reserved, but not assigned and are available only through advanced purchase. You’ll be able to pick which table you’d like when you arrive for the show. NOTE: THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE SEATING IS BY RESERVING A TABLE IN ADVANCE. 

If I purchase a table, do I also need to purchase tickets? When you pay to reserve a table, it includes 4 tickets for the 4 seats at the table. If  you have more than 4 people in your group, you will need to reserve additional tables or general admission tickets.

Can I reserve bar stools? Bar stools are not reserved, but are general admission seating which means that they are first-come-first-serve. If you prefer a specific bar stool, please check in with our door person close to when the doors open. The only way to reserve a seat is to purchase a table, which is available for purchase until 5pm on the day of the show.

Can I add a 5th person to my table? We only allow up to 4 people to sit at each table. To accommodate the 5th person, you can either buy two tables OR arrive close to when the doors open and sit at table close to the bar stools where the 5th person can sit next to you. If you do purchase 2 or more tables, we automatically put them together and close to the stage. With 2 or more tables, your seats will be reserved.

What is the music room capacity? 165. You may purchase tables of 4 in advance; reserved tables are the only way to guarantee seating for the show. Limited seating is available for General Admission ticket holders on a first-come-first-serve basis; standing room is also available.

Is there a possibility I will have to stand during the performance? Yes. Due to the popularity of our shows, there is a strong possibility that some of our General Admission patrons will have to stand during the performances. Please remember that General Admission tickets does not guarantee seating. The only way to ensure seats is through advance purchase of tables. Please plan on arriving early to try to grab a bar stool or stadium seat.

What’s that $20 charge on my credit card statement?

When you open a tab at the Attic, a $20 allowance is automatically placed on your card. It will disappear from your statement in a few business days.

Where are you located? We are located in the heart of downtown Decatur right across the street from the Dekalb Courthouse. For more information, see our directions page HERE.

Where do I park? There is metered parking right outside off of N. McDonough which is free after 6pm and a parking garage behind the Dekalb Courthouse which is also free if you leave anytime after 6pm (if you leave before 6pm, it’s a flat $6 fee). For more information, see our directions page HERE.

Who is playing the Open Mic Night tonight? (If before 5:30pm on Monday) – We are still confirming our list with the contestants. Once the Open Mic list has been confirmed at 5:30pm, we will announce the contestants’ names on the event page on our website –

Do I need to print out my confirmation email? No, you don’t have to print off your confirmation email. Since we operate on a will-call basis, our door person only needs to see your photo I.D.

How do I get a gift certificate? You can either purchase a gift certificate by phone at 404-377-4976 and we’ll mail you the certificate OR you can purchase it in person. They come in intervals of $20, $50, & $100. The gift certificate can be used towards food, drinks, and tickets. To redeem the gift certificate for event tickets, you must physically bring the gift certificate into the box office to make your purchase. Please note that our box office is open 12pm – 6pm on weekdays only.  Otherwise, you may purchase gift certificates with the door person during shows as time allows. This is a great gift idea for all of your music-loving friends & family!

Can we take pictures during the show? Absolutely! However, flash photography is not allowed. Please inform us if you are recording video with a professional set-up as we may not have the space to accommodate your equipment during the show. Don’t forget to share your photos & videos with us online!

I bought tickets to a show, but I can’t come. Can I get a refund? No, All ticket sales are final and non-refundable so long as Eddie’s Attic holds the event on the same date scheduled at the time of the original ticket purchase. If the event changes to a different date, ticket holders will be notified. After notification of a date change, ticket holders will have 2 weeks to request a refund. No refunds will be processed after the 2 week time frame has passed.

Can I change the name on my tickets? Certainly! Please click HERE to fill out the form and email the completed form to Ticket Alternative at

What is the street team? The coolest team ever! By helping us post artist posters & show calendars around town, you’ll receive 2 FREE tickets to shows each month. In order to participate, you’ll need a camera or a smart phone so you can take pictures of postings. To sign up & learn more about how you can help, please email us at with your name, phone number & your location.